Returning to the White Gallery runway for the second time, the Lalunah Bride team showcased a selection of their latest designs on the catwalk. Their most recent collection includes romantic designs with modern, fashion-forward silhouettes, incorporating the brand’s signature botanical laces and bespoke beading. Luxurious and sophisticated, each of the designs truly made their mark on the catwalk.

We caught up with Carolina Turner to discuss their latest collection as seen on the White Gallery runway:

Where did you look for creative inspiration when designing the pieces?

After a visit to the botanical gardens in Cambridge, where they have a huge collection of plants from all over the world, I was inspired to source gorgeous floral laces to incorporate into my designs. So fundamentally, it was easy to take this inspiration and run with it.

What was it like seeing the designs come to life on the catwalk?

It’s always exciting seeing my designs on real women, and particularly exciting to see them on a runway with special