Lalunah takes immense pride in the authenticity and craftsmanship of our dresses. Each design is carefully sketched and perfected by our talented designer, brought to life in our sample rooms, and meticulously produced in our manufacturing facilities. To ensure you receive the genuine Lalunah experience, we exclusively supply our custom garments to Authorized Retailers.


When considering a dress from any Lalunah. collection, it’s crucial to verify that the store is an Authorized Retailer. You can easily find an Authorized Retailer near you by using our Store Locator. Once you’ve located a potential store, look for the distinctive Authorized Retailer sticker in the shop’s window for additional confirmation of its legitimacy.


Please be aware that Certified Lalunah products are NOT sold online. To guarantee the authenticity of your dress, we recommend visiting a store listed on our Store Locator. Be cautious of counterfeit websites that may use our photographs or registered name but are not Authorized Retailers. Purchasing from these unauthorized internet sellers poses unnecessary risks.


Certified Authentic Lalunah styles are crafted with the highest quality materials and exquisite handiwork. As such, pricing remains consistent across our authorized retailers. If you come across a shop or website offering significantly lower prices, it is likely a low-quality counterfeit product. We encourage you to report such findings to info@lalunah.com


Counterfeit products are manufactured and sold with the intent to deceive consumers. In most countries, the sale, purchase, and production of counterfeit goods are illegal, often supporting organized crime and terrorism. Knock-off products are frequently produced in sweatshops using child labor. We invite you to join our efforts in combating these practices by purchasing exclusively from our authorized retailers and reporting fraudulent sellers to info@lalunah.com Together, we can make a positive impact and uphold the integrity of the Lalunah brand.